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At Transendance we practice Re-organizational Healing(ROH), helping people to be well and stay well. ​
ROH is a true Wellness paradigm.
"Wellness is not about whether a person has disease. It's about their internal experience of their body, the ability to make constructive healthy choices, and their ability to enjoy life and be well", says Donny Epstein, the "father" of ROH model, and founder and developer of Network Spinal Analisis(NSA or Network Spinal Care) and Somato Respiratory Integration(SRI). Application of these core modalities(NSA and SRI) help people reorganize the structure of their body and spine, their behaviors, and perceptions about themselves and the world. They help us to heal our wounds and become whole.

Re-organizational Healing

Reorganizational Healing: A Health Change Model Whose Time Has Come"
- Robert H.I. Blanks, Ph.D.

What is Healing?

We like this definition:
"Healing is an internal process by which an individual becomes self-aware: vulnerable to her/his own thoughts, emotions, sensations, and spiritual being in a non-judgmental way every moment for the rest of one's Life."
- Toronto MINDBODY Institute

What is Reorganizational Healing?

Reorganizational Healing (ROH) is a process through which an individual develops deeper understanding of one's core nature, ability to self assess, draw on their strengths to create sustainable change. Through this process an individual finds meaning in their pain, disease and circumstances and sees them as an invitation for change. This perspective inspires new action that leads to self-healing and more fulfilling life. It liberates the energy to transform and optimize!

Reorganizational Healing (ROH) has three central elements:
- The Seasons of Wellbeing
- The Energetic Intelligences and
- The Triad of Change

When change is required in our life, to have more optimal health, better relationships, more life enjoyment and wellness, our awareness of how those elements working together helps us create the fundamental change that we desire.

"If you want to change your life, change your spine."
- Donny Epstein, D.C.

Your Spine is the back of your mind, and what you put there, you put in your spine! Instead of working on "changing" the mind, which is not an easy task, we focus on assisting the spine in releasing and reorganizing the patterns of tension that's been stored there affecting the whole system.
The shape, tone and position of your Spine, and therefore your Nervous System(your OS), determines the shape, tone and position of your Life. When the spine is not at ease, so is life, and if this is your case, it is time to upgrade your Spine! It is time to feel and heal. Choose Network Care as your path to Self-Reorganizational Healing and Living!

“Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration are amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation
I have ever experienced or seen.”
Tony Robbins

Network Care

What is Network Spinal Analysis(NSA) a.k.a. Network Care?

Network Care is a gentle type of Chiropractic that provides greater awareness and connection with your body and its healing abilities. Through gentle contacts along the spine, the nervous system develops a new strategy for living and healing. There are two unique spinal waves(Respiratory and Somato-psychic) develop with Network Care that are associated with release of spinal and life tension. They further the progress of spinal reorganization and positive life changes. In Network Care an individual is an Active Participant in their own healing and transformation!

NSA progresses through levels of care from Discover, where we discover our breath, different parts and rhythms of our body, to Transform, where we transform our beliefs, behavior and structure, to Awaken, where we awaken to the truth of who we are and express our True Potential!

The tension in the spine, created by life stresses and our inability to deal with them, pulls and irritates the nerves which results in abnormal function of body systems and organs. In time, with Network care we learn how to release and use the spinal tension as a fuel for our transformation. We become more attuned to our inner cues, and able to take new inspired actions and make healthier choices more effortlessly.

"Anyone who is at the crossroads of life, physically, emotionally or spiritually, or anyone who cannot get further than they were before needs Network Care to help their brain to move from stress physiology which results in a person's structure being fixed in defense posture," says Donny Epstein

"Our Body is precious. It is our vehicle for Awakening.
Treat it with care."

- Buddha
(Treat it with Network Care, - Dr. Tatiana :)

Somato-Respiratory Integration

"You breath is the bridge that leads you into the vibrational dimension of your being."- Panache Desai

Somato (Body) Respiratory (Breathing) Integration (SRI) is designed to educate you to your body rhythms and inner wisdom through gentle touch, focused attention, motion and breath. SRI exercises (based on Donald Epstein’s book The12 Stages of Healing) are designed to help the brain to reconnect with the body and its experience, and gently guide you through periods of transformation and change.

Many of our crises occur when we become "disconnected" or "unconscious" of our body, or a region of our body, or we loose an important element of the interface between body and mind. Symptom of all kinds ask us to pay attention, and that is often the last thing most people are looking to do. Symptoms force us to be in touch with our body, stop our usual routine, do things differently, breathe differently, move differently and even at times express emotion or make strange sounds. There is healing in this and wisdom to be gained. With practice of SRI exercises you will not need to have a severe crises to pay better attention to yourself. With SRI it is easier to make frequent small reassessments and changes in life than to have life force you to make a sudden large change.

The goal of Somato Respiratory Integration is to help you develop lifetime skills, safety, strength, wisdom and love in relationship to the experience of your body, its vibration, structure, and energy. Through reconnecting, you are able to experience the body more fully and instantly shift your state of consciousness to one that supports trust for your body-mind and your life experience.

SRI exercises are based on The 12 Stages of Healing, book written by Donald Epstein, where he shares about the 12 stages of consciousness we all go though in our lifetime, and how each stage with specific rhythm helps us to reunite with parts of ourselves that we've been disconnected from, that has been judged, disliked, ashamed, abused, etc. Those stages can be grouped and viewed as Seasons of Consciousness or Sacred Seasons of Wellbeing: Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate. ​Knowing the Seasons helps us to acknowledge which season we are in; and being in the right Season makes the change effortless. It's all about the timing!


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