Net of Light Meditation

FEBRUARY 16, 2023


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FEBRUARY 19, 2023


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Healing Rhythms, Sacred path...

TBA, 2023


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NET of LIGHT Gathering and Meditation |
Thursday, February 16 | 7-8pm

(Every 3rd Thursday of the month)

From "Our Love is Our Power", by Sharon McErlane:
"The time of Earth changes, foretold by ancient teachings is upon us. At such moments in history, the Divine comes to Earth to intervene. This time has been referred in many cultures as the time when God the Mother will return to earth. An aspect of the Divine Feminine(energy of Yin) has come to Earth in the form of the Great Council of Grandmothers. Their mission (and ours) is to restore the Feminine Principle of energy back to our beloved planet, which at this time suffers from a depletion of the energy of yin and an over supply of the energy of yang. "It is time to return to balance, and for this women must lead. Women must take the first step. It can be no other way." The Grandmothers ask us to participate during this time by casting the Net of Light. The Net of Light is lit by the hearts of those who hold it, lit by the sacred places on earth, by the saints, sages and avatars who have come to uphold our planet at this time and by all those who love life and gladly serve."
"The Net of Light will hold the Earth steady during the times of change."- they say.

Who are the Grandmothers? watch HERE
What is the Net of Light? watch HERE
A Message from the TREES watch HERE

If the message above resonates with you, please join us!

235 N. Orange Ave. Suite 102

Space is limited

Please RSVP to [email protected] or call (941) 953-2209
Free Event


Sunday, February 19 | 2-4pm

The Heart Opening Experience!...

“Cacao isn’t a thing; it is a multidimensional spirit energy whose physical manifestation is through the cacao plant.”  - Keith, the Chocolate Shaman

If one of your daily intention is to deepen your relationship with YourSelf, then Breath, Movement AND... Sacred Cacao ceremony is yours to explore and experience.
Conscious Breathing and Movement with help of the Cacao Spirit creates deeply somatic experience, reconnecting you to your body’s wisdom.
CACAO is a Powerful facilitator for inner work!
Cacao Spirit is a guide who assists us with our emotional healing, our heart opening, and our deep knowing.
When we drink a cup of ceremonial Cacao we remember the wisdom, the light within and our natural capacity for unconditional love.

Join Dr. Tatiana Agafonova on Sunday, February 19 from 2-4pm for Breath, Movement AND Sacred Cacao Ceremony, and let the Spirit of Mama Cacao be your guide in awakening of your consciousness through LOVE...

More information and details regarding the ceremony later, after reserving your spot.

If you have any questions, please email to [email protected] or call (941) 953-2209

Only a few spots available!

Sarasota, FL 34237

Space is limited 
To reserve you spot please make a donation.
Suggested: $55


Healing Rhythms,
Sacred path... |

Saturday, date TBA | 3-4:30pm
The path is not a straight line, it's a spiral. We always come back to what we thought we understood to find a deeper meaning...

This class is an introduction and overview of the Healing rhythms that were discovered by Donny Epstein, developer and creator of Network Spinal Analysis, and described as "The 12 Stages of Healing".
In his book of the same name, he shares that all human beings go though the same path or stages of healing/experiencing. Each stage has a unique rhythm and consciousness, and when fully experienced, helps us to reconnect with parts of ourselves that's been ignored, disliked, traumatized or not forgiven.
Healing means being with IT(emotion, pain, etc.) or Experiencing IT, and therefore Healing IS an integration of all the apparently separated parts into a whole.

Join Dr. Tatiana Agafonova, D.C. for this hands-on class and learn about the stages and rhythms of life that we all go through, and how using our focused attention, breath and touch can instantly change our reality, bring more peace and make us more whole.

If you have any questions, please email to [email protected] or call (941) 953-2209

Only a few spots available!

Sarasota, FL

Space is limited 
To reserve you spot please make a donation.
Suggested: $33