Welcome to Transendance,
Center for Inspired Change

“Your body is the harp of your soul and it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds.” - Kahlil Gibran

Our definition of Transendance,
and what you might experience here:
Expansion of your awareness and existence
beyond the physical level through continuous
conscious experience of Life Energy
dancing and moving through YOU!

Inspired Change
means to us: Breathed in and
filled with ability to do or feel
something of extraordinary quality.
And so, the Center itself is place for you to deeply
connect with your body and its wisdom,
to experience your energetic makeup
and awaken the CENTER within you
from which all the potentiality and changes
are coming into existence.
All changes come from within...

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Our Mission:
To excite people back into their bodies, and then assist them to awaken and transcend their abilities to heal, to create, to evolve and thrive!

If you don't feel Energized and Enthusiastic, if you constantly experiencing Health and Life challenges, if you don't Love Yourself and your Life,
Contact us!
Don't postpone your Health and Happiness for tomorrow. Give yourself the life changing experience you deserve.
Explore with us the Big Idea of Re-organizational Healing and Living.
Experience what Network Spinal and Somato-Respiratory Integration can do for YOU.


What our customers write about us

The love, light, joy, and playfulness that pours from Dr. Tatiana is genuine and plentiful. Her talents and skills in Network Chiropractic & what she adds to it is unmatched by others in the industry I have been to. I consider Dr. Tatiana to be a partner in healing and growing. It is with ease that I say, “Give yourself and Dr. Tatiana a chance to move you forward. What if…?”

Michelle Matro

Dr. Tatiana helped me to understand that some of my physical issues were actually embedded with emotional trauma related to injuries, relationships and genetics. She taught me how to become aware, acknowledge and accept what my body was telling me. At 66 years of age I feel fantastic and owe it to her practice. Go for it!

Bob Binda

As we begin to understand how our energy affects our bodies, we will come to see how spiritual healing will greatly support physical healing. If you are ready to learn from the wisdom of your body, Dr. Tatiana is your light on this journey! Through her insights, her experience and knowledge of breathwork and spinal analysis she will firmly guide and support you in your self discovery and healing.

Polina  Windsor

I am so grateful to have been introduced to the healing process of NSA(a.k.a. Network Care), the use of ENERGY, and to Dr. Tatiana, who is so wise, loving, gentle, yet so powerful!
My physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing experiences have been amazing, magical, and almost indescribable at times!
In a very short time, I have learned to become more aware of my thoughts and feelings, learned how to get un-stuck, dissolved resentment, resolved anger, and released pain and tension from my body. As I continue to work with Dr. Tatiana, I continue to create positive shifts in all areas of my life! I highly recommend NSA to EVERYONE!

Noke H


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